Monday, June 11, 2012

Campaign World-threatening Emergencies

1. Inexorable approach of titanic blind idiot space god
2. Sorcery gone haywire releases rapidly spreading cloud of madness
3. Rotation of the planet magically halted by misguided vampires desirous of a dark side
4. Secret star chamber of the gods convenes, judges reality in need of a reboot to be carried out in stages, starting with extensive pruning
5. Fire god wins war against earthly enemies in far off region, celebrates with a 21 volcano salute
6. Turns out arcane spells are somehow fueled by solar fusion, the next magic missile could trigger super-nova
7. Following stupendous seismic tumult, great rift canyon opens up, allowing advent onto the surface of formerly imprisoned subterranean terrors of unsurpassed destructive power
8. Previously unknown race of intelligent cephalopods has been biding time, building their amphibious war-machines in preparation for surprise extermination of surface
9. Bodies of dead gods keep turning up
10. Dead rise from their graves: without pausing to eat the brains of the living march off to muster in isolated region
11. Capricious god grants trolls the capacity to breed like rabbits
12. Vegetable messiah arrives, announces universal plant solidarity and declares war against humanity


  1. You've put out a ton of great posts, but this one is excellent. :)

  2. Instant Campaign Gold, this one!
    3 and 6 are my favorites.

  3. I am quite a fan of 7... going to definitely use it in my world-jumping campaign.

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