Monday, April 30, 2012

Highlights of Dungeon Level One

1. Wicked master of mind control accumulates riches by sending his ensorceled hoard of berserkers on raids of nearby settlements, trade routes and wealthy dungeon neighbors
2. Chain gang of escapees from the Mad Jailer on level two, unwilling to explain the unoccupied set of bloodstained manacles
3. Dead end stair leading down, terminates in illusion-concealed pit filled with green slime
4. Berserker crew assigned to rid the level of giant spider infestation: employ predictably straight-forward approach, heavy casualties
5. Network of passageways and rooms impassably webbed: filled with loot-bearing victims and rather large black widows
6. Conspiracy of neophyte thieves practicing moving silently from shadow to shadow, picking no fights but on the watch for opportunities to improve back-stabbing skills
7. Subhumans driven toward the surface by forces below cling ferociously to their lightless culture and meager territory while simultaneously being exploited by said forces
8. Vast and ancient chamber originally accessible only from below: cruder more recent renovations broke through from level one, access to level two, haunted by spirits of extinct prehumans
9. No man's land between subhuman and berserker areas w/improvised barricades, shallow trenches, arrows shooting back and forth: littered with bodies, home to single opportunistic ghoul
10. Skeleton-manned arms production facility, overseen by subhuman thugs
11. Chamber of automatic will annihilation and secret control booth
12. Ogre formerly employed on level two walking out in disgust, muttering about back pay