Thursday, April 26, 2012

Before First Level: Elves

1. Prolonged dreamy-eyed adolescence thinking cosmic thoughts, laughing and singing in the enchanted forest, then came boredom followed by ennui
2. Spent a century or so afflicted by a hereditary curse, now temporarily held at bay by dark sorcery
3. Bitter struggle for survival in harried enclave in contested territory: gaunt, humorless, talks like Christian Bale as Batman
4. Morally outraged by elfin politics-as-usual, abandoned elf-life for self-imposed exile among the lesser folk
5. Literary study in the library citadel grew wearisome after a couple of hundred years
6. As close to suicide as an elf gets before epiphany: discovered inner avarice, suppressed blood lust
7. Left homeland in disgust after failing to gain admittance to exclusive social order, self-esteem buoyed by hanging out with human riff-raff
8. Adventuring career just the latest in series of light-hearted larks
9. Emotionally unstable (for an elf), more at ease among the easily rattled humans and halflings
10. Protracted secret indoctrination, now embarked upon clandestine mission for elf supremecists
11. Accrued massive gambling debts during extended period of heavy partying
12. Shamed and humiliated by ruinous love triangle, seething with pent-up rage, spoiling for displaced vengeance and thirsting for riches and a new life


  1. How about "son of Thranduil who volunteers to go with a hated dwarf, four short and regularly hungry fellows, a mysterious ranger, a warrior and a guy in a grey cloak to a region where the Lord of All Bad Things plots to destroy the world?"