Friday, April 27, 2012

In the Blasted Lands of the Fallen Moon

1. Anaerobicites: photon eating plankton of the moon
2. Ruined outpost of the observer aliens
3. Molten pool of space gold
4. Astral moon-folk, downcast and forlorn, gather the fossilized remains of their bodies
5. Demesne of the currently inert moon god
6. Crater-dwelling moon crabs: huge, well-armored, extremely hardy, notably sluggish in atmosphere
7. Sub-surface steam rooms of sea urchin-like star beings, highly intelligent, involuntarily murderous
8. The Dark Siders: agency responsible for the moon-fall, strike from hidden sphere astride land lobsters
9. Huge claw protruding from surface may reveal location of pre-moon-fall dragon's lair
10. Spontaneous emissions of moon radiation: promotes lunacy, triggers latent lycanthropy, increased risk of lethal moon fevers
11. Ruins of pyramids revealed as laboratories for the creation and transmission to earth of terror monsters
12. Small breeding population of Light Siders in stasis, protected by death-dealing automatons


  1. Wow! Your lists are all cool, but this one is super-creative! It begs to be an Old School Hack environment.

  2. this is my favourite so far. Also, reveals a few surprises I was keeping up my sleeve for Carcosa, dammit.