Thursday, April 5, 2012

Results of Successfully Listening at Door to Empty Room

1. Peal of a distant church bell
2. Gnawing, crunching sounds from within the door itself
3. Gentle patter like soft rain
4. Barely audible voice whispers "Come in"
5. Sound of your mother's increasingly hysterical voice calling your name
6. Sort of think you heard something, but probably not
7. Noises from entirely different but nearby room vibrating through dungeon walls
8. Chirping of birds, rustling of dry leaves
9. Echo of the party's most recent conversation
10. Ringing of sword against sword in a pitched melee
11. Implausibly slow and deep drawing of breath, followed by equally outsize exhalation
12. All you hear is the blood pounding in your ears and you wonder if this dungeon is giving you a heart attack

PS: Post number 100!


  1. Which means you can now do a d100 table of d12 tables

  2. Optionally, append "nah, just fuckin' with ya" to the end of each entry.

  3. This is actually a really good idea! Now, what does the thief find when he successfully searches for the trap that isn't there...

  4. Don't forget my favorite - "you hear one of your companions whispering repeatedly in your ear - 'what do you hear...what do you hear?'"

  5. Congratulations! This is a great blog.

  6. Congratulations! Here's to a hundred more!

  7. Thanks people!!! I get a little bit woozy at the thought of a hundred more, but then again I wasn't so sure I'd get to one hundred in the first place...

    1. Next milestone is 144 tables, for reasons which are hopefully obvious. ;-) 12 more to go at the time of writing!