Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hell's Lesser Inhabitants

1. Anguish eaters amble clumsily about daddy longlegs-like
2. Imps of Frivolity screw around and crack wise about the terrible conditions
3. Evil bacteria fly around in thick swarms looking for fresh wounds
4. Collosal bloated couch riders of sloth: incapable of taking any action
5. Disturbingly beautiful flora of vanity blossom in between perpetual reapings
6. Stirges: it's their Heaven
7. Diabolical souls who never follow through on anything scheme pointlessly
8. Venial spirits in crow-shape fight eachother over shiny objects
9. No longer idle, hordes of disembodied hands do the devil's incomprehensible work
10. Satan's lap dogs: harvest bones at will, issue mocking laughter
11. Huge growths of vaguely human-shaped fungi wail piteously on horrific steaming turd plain
12. Beetles w/agonized human faces scuttle to and fro gnashing teeth and vomiting alot


  1. These random tables are great. You can use them with a deck of cards or sing them with the 12 days of Christmas.

  2. Nicely done. I particularly like #6.