Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's on the Guard Monster's Mind

1. Literally waiting on other side of door for interlopers to smite, total job satisfaction
2. Complete devotion to aims of master, dog-like obedience
3. Blinding urge for wanton destruction barely held in check by training
4. Searing hatred for all that lives spurred on by frequent torture at master's hands
5. Immeasurable hunger for flesh occludes all other concerns
6. Dedicated only to its own mission of annihilation
7. Pain from unhealed wound propels mad frenzy
8. Normal thoughts and behavior confused due to malnutrition
9. Addled by never-ending duty, looking to take it easy
10. Disgruntled with job, willing to bargain w/powerful opponents
11. Looking for bribes, doesn't want trouble, more than happy to betray anybody for profit
12. No longer cares one whit about it's duty, merely showing up until something better comes along


  1. Re: numbers 1 and/or 6.

    I will never be able to look at Sam The Sheepdog cartoons in the same way again.