Sunday, April 8, 2012

Unforeseen Financial Setbacks in the City

1. New "adventurer's rate" at shops, inns, taverns and tradesmen: +1d100% to typical prices
2. Due to recently closed economy, hard currency must be exchanged (a small surcharge applies) for paper voucher system
3. Dweomer tax on all unregistered magic items entering city
4. To cover rising repair/policing costs, revelers must apply for a carousing licence (non-refundable fee), summarily revocable by city guard
5. Must purchase and sport customary attire to do any kind of business or risk committing a grave discourtesy
6. Roving packs of street arcanists enjoy employing reverse alchemy on the purses of visitors
7. Markets use auction model, professional shills up the bids on foreign buyers
8. Must choose between conversion to local religion or pay a one-time opt out fee
9. Healing available at temples but on sliding scale for each according to their means
10. Impenetrable legal code plus bribe-happy constabulary = retaining legal aid all but imperative
11. Carrying weapons disallowed, secure storage available during stay (w/rental agreement)
12. Vast sorcerer-controlled swarms of rodents seek ill-guarded wealth in the wee hours


  1. Number 10 is one I encountered - and used - a lot in Traveller.

  2. I love what you're doing here; this table is particularly awesome. Have you considered adding a ""print or pdf" button to your blog?

  3. Black Vulmea: I get all wistful when I think of Traveller. I played a bit back in the 80s but only once a decade or so since....
    Carter Soles: Thanks! I'm getting around to doing a collection of some kind... but I could go ahead and and do the button thing in the mean time (when I'm not so lazy/busy, that is).

  4. I read #9 as "Halflings available at temples but on sliding scale for each according to their need."
    I instantly started wondering how many halflings to purchase.