Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dead in a Ditch

1. Merchant, dagger in chest through defiant note refusing ransom
2. Hairless naked body covered in fresh tattoos with no visible cause of death
3. Halfling, still warm, skull perfectly stripped of soft tissue
4. Two goblins, backs filled with goblin-size black arrows
5. Peasant couple with empty flask, both w/freshly stitched incisions just above the hairline
6. Once-mighty fighting man: stabbed, hacked, speared, seared by magical fire, shot with arrows and bashed with blunt instruments over and over until finally dead
7. Giant snake slit open from the inside, must've been something it ate
8. Nearly the entire roster of the Eleven Fingers crime syndicate
9. Completely intact troll, no sign of injury but to all appearances stone dead
10. Tear-streaked elf in funerary raiment: succumbed to overwhelming despair
11. Several notable aristocrats in line for the throne: Oh, look! Here comes the city guard!
12. The local bishop: No, wait, he's just wasted on brandy again


  1. I would change 6. to "fighting man: head stove in, possibly with broken stringed lute embossed 'Rosalie' lying next to him"

  2. 10: Sandoval's funeral drugs kicked in too hard! Noooo!