Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dungeon Aesthetic

1. Designed to accommodate alien/giant body plan
2. Meticulously-crafted, smooth stonework, unadorned,  impeccably clean
3. Vertical design around central crevasse w/shafts, landings, platforms for ancient public levitation system no longer in service
4. Architect: H. R. Giger on an acid-fueled bender with unlimited budget and massive slave labor force of highly skilled artisans
5. Dark whimsy: a Disneyland of fear and death
6. Slopped together w/minimal outlay and effort, functionality compromised, doors barely work
7. Natural beauty of cavern system preserved and subtly enhanced, chambers linked by faux-natural causeways
8. Mind-bending baroque design: countless sculptures, tapestries, bas reliefs, mosaics depict events of terror and bloodshed
9. Interconnected system of cones, spheres and cylinders, cold and clinical, origin unknown
10. Original masonry eroded and dotted with fossilized coral from long-ago period of flooding
11. Jarring tilts and trapezoidal chambers, angled ceilings and floors, a mad-house
12. Rough-hewn functionality dangerously askew after major earthquake, strong chances of collapse, inter-level breakthroughs.


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