Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quick Cultural Quirks: Sophisticated Urbanites of Swords and Sorcery

1. Considers self to be unflappable having seen it all in the big city
2. Applauds the feudal spirit: actually quite fond of the help
3. Sensation seeker by habit if not inclination, unapologetic epicurean tastes
4. Prejudices against the unwashed masses too numerous to list, total ignorance of agriculture and most means of production
5. Honors the gods as required by social mores but with little enthusiasm, heavy sprinkling of moral relativism
6. Settles matters of honor with dagger duels or other mostly ceremonial means: elaborate rules minimize lethality, its all about showing up (w/awesome entourage decked out to the nines)
7. Master of all manner of parlor amusements: games of skill/chance, song, verse
8. Weds traditionally w/ much pomp but generally for social engineering purposes, adultery discrete but frequent
9. Leisurely luncheon considered a vital restorative and will halt most activitities (including dungeon exploration) for mid-day repast
10. Prone to bitter complaints when exposed to the elements, doesn't know a tent from a hole in the ground
11. Strong percentage chance of successfully faking way through conversation on wide range of topics
12. Honors the hour at which it is customary for a gentleman/lady to partake of a stiff one


  1. Number 12 sounds a lot like my father

  2. These all fit my home setting to a T.

  3. Number 6 cries out for a wacky misunderstanding with someone who approaches a duel with deadly seriousness.

    And number 9 would make a great dungeon encounter, too.

  4. Oh man, I am totally 3 and 5 (or would be, if religious observance were still policed). And somewhat 12.

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