Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fighting-men: Why We Fight

1. For honor and nation: personality nullified by grim nationalistic fervor, demands of rigorous ethical code and extreme stoicism
2. Gear fetish: because wicked swords and cruel axes are super bad ass
3. Thought it would help chances with the opposite sex: now haunted by shade of accidentally slain sweetheart
4. Given the choice, opted out of family pig shit hauling business
5. Religion requires tally of dead foes for preferred afterlife status
6. Comes from long line of proud occupants of early graves, now ready to seek own glorious end
7. Not much good at anything else, really
8. Highly competitive personality + thrill-seeking adrenalin addiction
9. Was the bloodthirstiest young aristocrat anybody had seen in some time
10. On account of the abundance of faces that are just begging for a damn good stabbing
11. Easy gold. Don't mind killin'.
12. Frequent exorcism of reptilian killer instincts in gore-soaked melee required for maintenance of otherwise considerable personal charm


  1. LOL - number 4 is the best, then 3 and 10

  2. I was posting for the same reason.. #4 would definitely make me seek out alternate means of vocation.

  3. Increasing the number of STDs he knows, too. ;)

  4. Killer post! Can't wait to see what you dream up for Clerics, MUs, and (HAHA) Thieves...

  5. Thanks everbody!
    Mr. Blue: LOL
    Black V.: +1 for choice Zeppelin reference

  6. Tedankhamen: thanks for the suggestion, see today's post.