Monday, April 23, 2012

Before First Level: Thieves

1. Enthralled by the seedy underbelly of human life, enjoys vice of every kind, considers honest folk suckers
2. Kleptomaniac rich kid w/defiant streak a mile wide
3. Fell in with the wrong crowd, must steal to support habit
4. It started with stealing pies as child, rapidly became addicted to thrill, has since branched out
5. Trained by expert thief father: frequently chained to various objects and commanded to escape, sent to market w/long list and no cash, abandoned at bottom of sheer cliffs, etc.
6. Magpie-like affinity for shiny objects, obsession managed (poorly) by heavy drinking
7. Schooled in the evils of private property at heavily tattooed grandmother's knee
8. Found native culture stultifying and oppressive, turned to life of crime for kicks
9. Figured it was the only way a poor kid could retire before age thirty
10. Sincerely enjoys being sneaky
11. Comes from a long line of straight-up sociopaths
12. Mistakenly stolen by thieves as baby, reared by trio of doting yet dastardly "uncles"


  1. "Doting yet dastardly" - sounds like my parenting style . . .

  2. I love these "origins" tables, they're 100% pure awesome. There are tons of tables for DMs who need a boost, but not so much for the player who's short on inspiration.

    These go in "the binder". ;)

  3. These are fantastic! We need Fighters, then Elves, Dwarves & Halflings to make these complete!

  4. When I read the "Fighting Men:Why We Fight" post I thought it would be great if there was one of these for each class but I felt greedy saying so or asking for such but now you've made more and it's awesome.

  5. Thanks people! The series will continue shortly, but I do this thing pretty stream-of-consciousness, so there will be some filler material here and there, like today for example.
    Lum: I actually kind of like getting suggestions...