Friday, April 6, 2012

Found Strapped to the Paladin's Warhorse

1. Golf bag full of swords favored for various circumstances, numbered in red paint
2. Bundle of detoxifying herbs for cleansing tea-fast
3. The Bedroll of Righteousness: enchanted to halve rest requirement and double healing rate
4. Incredibly detailed personal journal of impure thoughts w/equally belabored screeds of repentance
5. Precisely enough gold to cover projected expenses of current crusade
6. Decomposing head of former villain for return to patron lord
7. Page-worn and tattered Manual of Personal Conduct volumes I-VI
8. Satchel of nuts, berries, the hardest conceivable tack, w/ skins of fresh rainwater
9. The Helm of Self-Justification: replaces pesky inner debate with bolstering certitude, increases morale of followers
10. Perfumed ribbon from headdress of evil queen/king
11. Unholy relic in lead box earmarked for speedy destruction
12. Library loan (with 7 days remaining): illuminated scroll containing abridgement of Ahknatar the Inscrutable's classic Lethal Pitfalls of Situational Ethics


  1. What no implement for self-flagellation following those impure thoughts?

  2. With the Masters going on, I quite like #1. :)

  3. Oh a Paladin's journal, that could be worth a pretty penny.

  4. I think I like 9 the best, but really, when would he (or she) ever take it off?