Sunday, April 29, 2012

Before First Level: Fighters

1. Local militia offered little but the occasional drill, scampered off w/gear to go freelance
2. Born into war clan, scattered following rout against occupying forces, now incognito
3. Farmer turned to banditry at height of famine, found calling
4. Freed from domestic slavery in noble house after heroic acts in defense of city-state
5. Slipped mickey by army recruiters, survived campaign to wipe out otherwise irrepressible tribe for local lord
6. From tender age always erecting practice dummies and fashioning weapons from found materials
7. One of those jerks forever getting into fights for no reason, decided to make career of it
8. Stint as galley slave really built up the old arms, not to mention the total disregard for the sanctity of life
9. Brutality of early life in wilderness settlement mandated expertise in the hacking and slashing
10. Prodigy: slayin' came easy and early as bereaved parents of childhood acquaintances can attest
11. Deserted from imperial army after seeing too much: will never again fight for a cause, only money
12. Thrown out of family trade, barred from arcane academy, cast out of seminary, apprenticeship w/thieves' guild revoked, lute lessons went nowhere, disqualified from athletic training, humiliated after failed bid for local election, sacked from local guard, bought a sword


  1. # 12 made me laugh so hard, I actually found #3 really interesting ,and might use it for my next game

    as an aside, I love this blog, please don't ever stop.

    1. I think you may have outdone yourself - these are brilliant. I hope not - I hope there are more to come. Some of these are like zen koans on D&D.