Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random Items: Dungeon Level Two

1. Leather scroll case, two tickets to the ogre war chiefs' biannual bacchanal inside w/directions
2. Beautifully crafted false devil horns w/gum adhesive, bat wings, tail, array of straps, one application of purple body paint, still in package
3. Ornate ceramic vessel with cork stopper, decorated w/scenes considered quite erotic by certain kinds of underworld humanoids, contains one gallon refined mineral oil, extra slippery
4. Half-full flask of nightmare juice: tiny sip imparts stimulating chills down spine, sense of dread, full measure incapacitates with mind-bending horrors for 1d4 hours, saving throw vs. early retirement to quiet life in the country upon awakening
5. Shiv of shanking: razor-sharp obsidian shard with leather wrapped grip, enchanted for bonus to backstabbery
6. Six extra-large gold coins in black purse, appear to have been minted in Hell, hideous devil face, unholy sigils, inscribed with dire curse, always warm to the touch, hard to spend
7. Discarded corner of sorcerer's mind-enhancing vegan sandwich: boosts IQ a bit but mostly jacks up self-confidence and causes the lips to curl involuntarily into sardonic smirk
8. Humanoid medic's field surgical kit: gnarly scalpels, retractors, pincers, spreaders, variety of toxic powders that may or may not induce unconsciousness, great curved needle and thread, strip of leather w/ bite marks, tubing and tourniquets made from tanned monster arteries, menacingly large scissors
9. Stylish multi-pronged helmet, of the kind practically irresistible to warriors of inflated self-importance, currently infested w/ benevolent parasite
10. Small leather bag with embroidered mushroom insignia: weird loam within produces a new super-nutritious fungal lobe each day if kept moist, stinks though
11. The silent mallet: ensorceled to drive pitons (etc) noiselessly
12. Exploding rations: erupt into ten foot ball of blue flame when bitten

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  1. I'd like to think I could hand the silent mallet to a thief for him to drive marks noiselessly...