Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Current Favorite Items in the Dragon's Hoard

1. Dragon-size, talon-friendly scroll featuring transcriptions of various acknowledged classics of forbidden literature
2. Bejewelled sarcophagus from unknown civilization: intact but inert super-mummy within
3. Masterfully crafted miniature replica of fabled golden dragon temple
4. Nearly complete set of (singed) royal arms and armor from extinct clan displayed on dwarf mannequins in realistic action poses
5. Uncut ruby of astonishing size: likes to play with ideas for possible workings but can't commit
6. Thousands of gold pieces fused by dragon fire into single mass of dubious aesthetic value
7. Gold-dipped skull & tusks of mammoth suspended from the ceiling
8. Giant-king's platinum necklace of office (frequently worn by dragon)
9. Huge crimson diamond: imprisoned demon prince visible within
10. Zeus' false teeth on ornate obsidian stand
11. Hovering opalescent sphere of unknown origin: emits hypnotic white noise
12. Hyper-prism: impossible to count facets due to extra-dimensional nature, under sunlight projects searing heat ray, under moonlight produces cone of reanimation

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