Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Events in the All-Humanoid Olympiad

"Glaahh! Ashrakh got best seats available! You NO complain!"
1. Giant slug clean and jerk: extra challenging on account of all the writhing
2. Marathon wrestling: no holds barred, match lasts until one or both contestants drop dead
3. Artificial cave-in survival: a test of luck above all, a quality valued by most humanoids
4. Pain tolerance: contestants strapped to automatic agony inducers
5. Cockatrice round-up
6. One-legged race (stringent entrance requirements)
7. Speed regeneration: trolls only
8. Spider-bite endurance test
9. Competitive piercing
10. Synchronized beheading: more of an aesthetic thing really, somehow grandfathered in
11. Speed execution: a true athletic challenge, judged on number and quality of slayings w/in time limit
12. One-ton battle royale: unregulated combat to the death between forces of any composition within weight requirement (ex. 4 500lb. ogres vs. 40 50lb. goblins)

For additional events currently under consideration for entry see Underworld Sporting Events

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