Monday, July 9, 2012

On or Around the Mighty Warrior's Carcass

1. Unbelievable number of concealed daggers
2. Packet of herbal virility enhancer
3. Pot of analgesic body balm
4. Several pounds of high protein tusky behemoth jerky
5. Bottle half-filled with caustic war draught: enhances strength, endurance, ferocity
6. War log featuring crude drawings of various weird creatures followed by tally marks
7. Fancy shaving kit w/trimmers, fine whale bone comb, mustache wax
8. Sealed tube containing professionally scribed document w/elaborate funerary instructions
9. Stoppered vial of cauterizing agent: staunches blood when applied to wounds
10. Tincture of spider venom: builds immunity when sipped daily
11. Escape razor stashed in wrist wrappings
12. Mummified ogre ear on leather cord around neck: momento of early victory

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