Friday, July 27, 2012

Wandering the Dungeon Self-righteously

1. Lone paladin on one man anti-chaos crusade: scorched, bleeding, half his once-shining plate armor missing, crazed look of maniacal enthusiasm
2. Procession of sun god acolytes loaded down with implements of destruction en route to desecrate shrine of enemy deity
3. Victim of fantasy psychosis believes self to be messianic fulfilment of prophecy
4. Gaggle of adventurers bearing corpse of honored comrade: easily ticked off
5. Newly christened doom cultists prattle ceaselessly about their tedious conversion experiences
6. Back from the dead to everyone's surprise, the rightful heir to the dungeon
7. Plague doctor and medical assistants w/deceased specimen on stretcher gleefully race to laboratory
8. Envoy from underworld civilization makes way to surface w/message of campaign world-shattering importance
9. United Factions peacekeeping forces
10. Surface world prince w/full retinue & elite troopers on mission to rescue kidnapped noble
11. Imperial Dungeon Inspectors (actually impostors)
12. Hell-bent unicorn on mission of darkest vengeance against evil

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