Thursday, July 12, 2012

Occupants of the Colossal Ancient UFO Anchored to the Mountaintop

1. Bat-winged dwarfs stream out at night fall to forage for raw materials, scrap heap of ship's walls, superstructure forms on the slopes below, they've got some kind of weird project going on
2. Sorcerer's bio-lab: on board technologies retrofitted into Frankensteinian operation, results of experiments teleported to surface for eco-trials
3. Colossal spacemen inert upon their jump couches, may be revived by lightning bolt defibrillation
4. Haunted by ghosts of space-weary sojourners, delighted to impart cryptic knowledge
5. Warring deities from competing pantheons hoping to gain neo-Olympus-style HQ
6. Hopeful sky pirates and hired arcane talent work to gain control of ship's functions: planning careers as bungee raiders
7. Taken over by necromancer and his all-skeleton crew who hopes to drag Earth into the sun
8. Craft filled with water, set up to sustain aquatic life, original crew dead but their native bacteria fared better, have made bold evolutionary moves
9. Countless broomsticks hover nearby: site of the First Annual World Witchcraft Convention, by clandestine invite only
10. Interior filled with alien atmosphere: dire environmental consequences if released
11. Ship's anchor line enveloped in spider silk, every exterior nook and cranny acrawl w/giant arachnids drawn by a mysterious intelligence within
12. Occupants unknown due to ship's defenses automatically disintegrating anything that gets close