Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Items Hidden in the Evil Priest's Vestments

1. Emergency back-up holy symbols representing alternate faiths
2. Stolen documents from rival sect detailing planned acts of terrorism
3. Ritual tattooing kit designed for maximum mortification of the flesh, excruciating discomfort
4. Medallion w/secret sub-cult insignia for ID purposes
5. Hastily scrawled notations in mini-commonplace book re: recent troubling dreams, waking visions, possible interpretations
6. Miniature censer and dried herbs for sacramental inhalations
7. Disguise kit for escaping otherwise hopeless situations: robe reversible w/smart seersucker interior, finely crafted false nose, extravagant fake mustache
8. In small pouch around neck: ash and tiny bone fragments retrieved from sacrificial incineration of former allies/family members
9. Rune-inscribed razor and empty vials in small leather case for ritual phlebotomy
10. Wooden tally stick w/hash marks for each soul successfully delivered to wicked deity
11. Keys to sub-temple level: armory, treasury, secret library, stockpiled provisions for prolonged siege, demi-living guardian zealots
12. Packet of enchanted incendiary pellets for emergency self-immolation, mint condition (one tends to save this option for unimaginably dire circumstances)

1 comment:

  1. #12 is for when you get stopped by Home Realm Soldiery for trying to take #6 onto an express dragon flight to Amsterdam.