Saturday, July 28, 2012

War Sorcery: Eldritch Bombs

1. Idiocy bomb: goes off with a resounding howl of mocking laughter, forces w/in range reduced to sub-moronic gibbering, yet retain full measure of self-confidence
2. Re-animation bomb: dead in area of effect rise to fight again
3. Berserk bomb: dropped on friendly forces to induce mass battle-madness
4. Wormhole bomb: tiny black hole instantly transports targeted troops to Carcosa or somewhere equally unpleasant
5. Reality bomb: triggers unpredictable shift in physical laws, a truly chaotic weapon for use at wit's end only
6. Fog of war bomb: following minor blast tornadic winds disseminate impenetrable fog that mutes sound as well
7. Illusion bomb: initial smoke cloud reveals such images as a battalion of giant warriors, saddled dragons with terror-knights astride, etc.
8. Cowardice bomb: radiation temporarily overrides courage, entire regiments shriek like terrified children as they flee the battlefield
9. Metal-eater bomb: explosion sends scintillant powder into air, destroys metal weapons, armor and implements at the molecular level
10. Tranquility bomb: blinding flash followed by shower of flower petals and glitter, all in area of effect totally blissed out
11. Death ray bomb: pitch black mushroom cloud, shock wave appears as onrushing cloud of screaming skulls
12. Hell-breach bomb: mutually assured destruction

Note on delivery system: most frequently dropped by trained pteranodons, aero-squid (high payload capacity), allied dragons or dirigible crews

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