Monday, July 2, 2012

Stalking the City by Night

1. Sewer dragon (flightless): like a giant hellbender with dagger-like fangs, expels paralysis-inducing plegm through nostrils in gouts of surprising range, astonishing treasure hoard
2. Gaggles of young aristocrats on a binge escorted by bloodthirsty and entirely competent body guards
3. Demons of revelry: seem suave, pally, affable fellows, always buying until you're drunk and helpless
4. Street slime: opportunistic predator able to flawlessly mimic cobblestone (or whatever)
5. Swarm of sub-miniature stirges: warded off by expensive caustic balm, cash reward available for extermination
6. Ravishing ogre maiden and brutish entourage seeking former suitor now in hiding
7. The Midnight Sage: dispenses all manner of esoteric knowledge, charges exhorbitant fees, protected by local crimelord
8. Diminutive alley troll: adapted for ambush-and-flee urban predation, solitary, lair in carefully concealed burrows beneath out of the way alleys
9. Talent scouts/recruiting agents for newly formed Cutthroats Guild
10. The Vampire Dandy and his hench-fops: a blast to hang out with, obvious risks notwithstanding
11. The Invisible Drunkard
12. Partied-out party of adventurers finally deciding to find a safe place to stash their loot

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