Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Isolated Village has a Dark Secret

1. Built upon ancient halfling burial ground
2. Barley fields must be soaked in sacrificial blood: every crime or misdemeanor carries death penalty
3. Dark lineage dating back to antediluvian civilization, secretly keep traditions alive, hatch schemes to depopulate region, stockpile poisons
4. Ubiquitous witchery: hexes and charms fly about willy nilly
5. Rampant perversity after nightfall, outsiders welcome
6. New generation of children preternaturally intelligent and fully in charge
7. Universally shared mutation: second mouth in chest concealed by tunic, mutter to each other in unknown language
8. Lycanthropy = STD
9. Celebrate monthly festival of murder
10. Militia drills by moonlight, seems to practice human wave tactics, visiting commanding officers of dubious aspect
11. Population descended from crashed starship crew, deranged captain kept artificially alive in forbidden hall
12. Whole village front for criminal enterprise: import/export contraband to subterranean enemies of humankind via entrance to underworld beneath grand mead hall


  1. "Rampant perversity after nightfall, outsiders welcome"

    Been there. What a memory.

  2. Who buries halflings?

    You're supposed to just let the corpse rot there. As a warning to the rest of the little buggers.