Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Haunting the Skies

1. Unidentified flying discs: actually bioluminescent aero-mollusks
2. Majestic mega-condor: soars at dizzying heights, domesticated for troop transport by the mountain lords
3. Cloud striders: like daddy-longlegs on a titanic scale
4. Eclipsers: swarms of bat-like spirits ready, willing and able to create artificial eclipses when the mood strikes them
5. Colossal aero-virus: patrols territory, spewing its foul seed on passing flocks of birds, aerial creatures
6. The stratopus: octopoid creature of tremendous size, suspended aloft by inflated gas-bag head, genius intellect, excellent camouflage
7. Ghost cloud: aggregate of disgruntled spirits joined together for maximum mayhem
8. Storm seeders: flying reptiles, capriciously issue loads of silver iodide bile into cloud banks
9. Sentient satellite: larger than average asteroid in low orbit, composition rich in living metal, overwhelming multiple personality issues
10. Cirrocumulus formation of flying skulls, hallmark of the death god ascendant
11. Vicious falcon-man pterodactyl wranglers
12. Sky barge drawn by one million individually tethered hummingbirds in a perpetual nectar-mist

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