Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Sorcerer's Latest Research Breakthrough

1. Following treatment with precise ratio of disintegration and re-integration rays, now physically inhabits up to 3 planes of existence simultaneously
2. Faithful hound/troll hybrid: one hard-to-kill watchdog, eats man-kibble by the 50lb. sack
3. Iron golem spy satellite
4. Giant toad that eats/hauls/regurgitates large amounts of treasure on command
5. Disembodied wizard-brain-powered spell cannon: theoretically sound, field testing led to collateral damage to space-time continuum
6. Synthetic opiate: instantly addictive for dragons
7. Rod of dinosaur control
8. Ray of Fecundity: useful for propagating minions
9. Colony of domesticated giant bees: regard sorcerer as queen, produce jelly of longevity
10. Bracers of blasting: fire bolts of destructive energy, charged by human sacrifice
11. New plague contagion, cure: to be auctioned separately
12. Single new spell that would solve world food supply problems forever: shelved due to lack of interest


  1. #1 - wizard is also a glowing blue colour and has small logo of hydrogen atom on forehead.

    1. Well, on his (glowing blue) pointy hat, maybe...