Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Dragon's State of Mind

1. Deep ennui mitigated only by the momentary twinkle of baubles, gewgaws and trinkets (amassed hoard comprised largely of shiny junk)
2. Bestial: if famished eats anything that moves; if sated chiefly concerned with defending territory, 1% chance of being concerned with reproduction
3. Egomaniacal but rather charming: intolerant of any more charming than itself
4. False modesty hides mean streak: likes to play with food, takes prisoners for personal amusement
5. Laconic detachment: Dragon With No Name, minimal dialogue, lots of disdainful grunting, shoots first
6. Ironic bemusement: reflects view that life is just a joke and one should at least try to see the humor in it
7. Scarred, bitter, resents the very cosmos that spawned it
8. Quite upset (see Something has Upset the Ancient Dragon)
9. Dispassionate, clinical yet curious: thinks of life as a science experiment, human data particularly interesting
10. Ablaze with generalized hostility, raging full-on
11. Unflappable: the 007 of dragons
12. Has convinced self of cool, collected condition, but just under the surface pent-up frustrations stand by to explode with volcanic force at the slightest provocation

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