Friday, July 20, 2012

It Luxuriates in the Great Caldera

1. Gestating giant sun-dweller egg
2. Ice titan on holiday loosens up strained muscles, sips drinks
3. Anaerobic bacterium the size of a house
4. Smoldering coal-cranes hunt flame-tongued cinder frogs
5. Blossoming garden of silicon-based vegetation including several black trees full of cherry-bombs
6. Team of lava dogs harnessed to sledge await the return of their master
7. Huge flaming ape
8. Antediluvian sorcerer-king in stasis, suspended in semi-permanent globe of invulnerability
9.  Sentient vapor: uses caldera as base of operations for terrorizing surface dwellers
10. Super-colony of adamant wasps
11. Colossal manta ray-like thermophage prevents massive eruption by constant feeding, defends self with jets of volcanic gases via dorsal vents, extrudes raw gems
12. Giant fire god dying of old age: immobilized by the ravages of eons, willing to whisper secrets to the reverent


  1. Adam Ant Wasps!!! Stand and Deliver!

  2. I'm an idiot for not yet including dandy highwaymen in any of these tables.