Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random Dead Bodies (Wilderness)

1. Hill giants in a heap w/drained vessels in their hands (they drank the Kool-Aid)
2. Numerous normal bats scattered about full of tiny black arrows
3. Circle of dead scavengers (hyenas, jackals, vultures, etc.) who failed their saves after sampling the decomposing abomination
4. Smashed sailing vessel w/full compliment of dead sailors: far from water, as if dropped from a great height
5. Adventuring party w/hirelings encased in some kind of hardened goo: seemingly frozen in mid-stride
6. Barbarian hunting party: skeletons & clothing intact, flesh melted clean away
7. Bat-winged dwarfs drop dead from out of the sky
8. Large number of small humanoids seem to have exploded individually
9. Several adventurers hang from (inanimate) tree, branches clenched around their necks
10. Hidden one-by-one under neatly piled leaves: perfectly intact naked human bodies painted w/elaborate mystic sigils
11. Warrior in shining armor marches on silently despite being stone dead
12. 100 ft. diameter death zone: withered trees & plants, fallen birds, deceased forest creatures, expired insects, even the microbes snuffed it within


  1. 9 is getting used in my megadungeon, for sure. So is 3.

  2. I have no idea how you manage to come up with these so frequently.

  3. Each of these is perfectly creepy, and seem designed to be equally likely to be an adventure hook or something entirely meaningless. Lovely.

  4. Replies
    1. Your copyright to "Nerd" expired in December 1992. Please turn in your business cards at the main office. Thank you.

  5. These are all so provocative that the encountered scenery can easily turn into a side adventure!