Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last Known Appearance of the Rogue Sorcerer

1. Levitated straight up into the stratosphere
2. Snapped bonds with superhuman strength and smashed the skulls of guards en route to public execution, escape obscured by sudden profusion of stinging mist
3. Stood atop racing smilodon, tossed guards aside, surged through city gates
4. Fled into the night w/many scrolls tucked beneath arms while Royal Library burned
5. Plunged gracefully into gaping maw of colossal worm while laughing maniacally
6. Shouted insults from battlement of private tower before the whole thing disappeared in maelstrom of blue luminance
7. Issued incoherent screed in public square, exploded in fiery flash after brief Q & A w/witnesses, coalesced into vast vaporous form over city, dissipated
8. Stabbed baron in back with poisoned blade at ceremony, vaulted city wall in single bound
9. Naked and muttering, staggered off into the wilderness
10. Body dangled limply while carried off on devil wings suddenly erupted from back
11. Over the course of days slowly became invisible and inaudible
12. Swelled to over fifty feet in height, issued contemptuous farewell, strode off toward the mountains

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