Friday, July 6, 2012

Found Mixed Among the Desirable Scrolls & Tomes

1. Cursed Scroll of Gibberish: reader must save or lose power of speech but for random lunatic jabber, receptive language skills remain intact
2. Libram of Efficacious Debasement: new methods for utilizing/dispensing with conquered enemies
3. Instructions on acquisition and maintenance of servitors/hirelings: signed by author, a sorcerer of some repute, study grants bonus to quantity and quality of retainers
4. Doctrines of the Ascetics vol. 4, Self-flagellation: A Double-edged Sword?
5. Unspeakable Recipes
6. Demon Worship Among the Dawn Peoples: 100% baseless speculation
7. Unabridged History of the Slug Folk: 1000% more proper names than The Silmarillion, abundant w/tedious, highly repetitive minutiae of utterly pedestrian slug folk lives
8. Full transcripts from the Imperial Investigative Commission's findings on the nebulous menace of Neutrality
9. Cursed Scroll of Illiteracy: reader must save or lose the ability to read and write, must be re-educated from scratch, manifests temporary child-like innocence
10. Bring them Down: The Knee-Jerk Blasphemer's Guide to Anti-Theism
11. Encyclopedia of Dungeon Brain Teasers, completely scribbled over and solved
12. Collected Fragments of Folk Wisdom & Philosophy from the First Stone Age: turns out they didn't know anything worth a damn


  1. You really need to compile these into a book.

  2. 7. Unabridged History of the Slug Folk: 1000% more proper names than The Silmarillion...

    I move that the above be made the SI unit of "too many names".