Monday, July 23, 2012

Gonzo Class/Race, Additional

1. Disembodied brain: spell-like abilities, must be toted in ichor-filled jar by servitor/ally at low levels, crafts increasingly awesome golem-like housings w/experience
2. Sun-dweller: covetous and capricious man-shaped flames, grows in brightness, size and power until able to sustain itself for journey to nearest star to complete reproductive cycle
3. Black otter: swift, sleek and deadly man-sized intelligent weasels, able to learn use of human weapons w/experience
4. Looter: expert smash and grab artists, unmatched abililty to flee the scene, XP for aquiring loot w/out bloodshed
5. Smilopithecene: saber-toothed hominid, ferocious, poor impulse control
6. Hireling: XP granted for torches carried and treasure hauled, unerring trap detection w/advancement
7. Underworld ranger: skilled in underground/preternatural environent survival, tracking, tactics
8. Ghost: incorporeal remnant of fallen character, fear power (as spell) at level one, XP for scaring the hell out of things
9. Half-shoggoth: sustains man-shape most times, shoggs out when rattled
10. Anthropomorphic bluejay: vicious and fearless, eternal enmity w/anthropomorphic ducks and penguins
11. Slug folk: occasionally deranged slug folk join adventures, an excretion for any occasion
12. Dungeon philosopher: must defend thesis for advancement, see In the Philosopher's Spell Book


  1. That picture needs a cigar...

    and, damn, do I want to play one.

  2. "Shoggs out" is the funniest thing I've seen so far this month.

    Anthropomorphic Bluejays I imagine as being a real problem in certain areas of Glorantha.

    Dungeon Philosopher must be real pros at the "snake fight" portion of their thesis defense.

  3. The half-man half Shoggoth: "Don't make me angry Mr. McGee. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. I mean, you REEEEEALY wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

    Or surprised. Or upset. Or distracted. Or horny." (Ugh, that last one could be a real problem.)

  4. I would love to roll up any of those!

  5. Anthropomorphic Bluejays...? You mean... like THIS GUY?

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