Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sentient Liquids, Gases and Vapors

1. Black mist: hovers near burial grounds, primarily a scavenger, sucks remaining life-force from the recently dead, drains power from the living in self-defense, flees from clergy
2. Miasmoids: swamp dwelling spirits barely tethered to the material plane, craft incredible fen-dirges in hundred-part harmony, innate ability to command reptiles/amphibians
3. Vermilion seepage: animate blood created by arcane misadventure, attracted to sugar, very shy
4. Gust devils: capricious beings from the wind plane, infest dungeons and delight in extinguishing torches, slamming doors
5. Cosmic gas being: native to interstellar space, claim to be the first living sentience, occasionally impersonate deities while on planet-safari, find terrestrial life hilarious
6.  Grease dogs: hound-shaped masses of oil set to guard treasures, etc, overwhelm and suffocate foes, easy to ignite but will create much mayhem
7. Radiant stream: far below ground, glowing waters trickle in self-feeding circle of eroded passageways, converses via disembodied voice, values quietude, tranquility, enlightenment
8. Time cloud: unstuck in the continuum, encourage fellow beings to pass through them into a null-time zone where they will be treated to continuous monologue
9. Levitating Protoplasmic Sphere: found in the deepest dungeons, wise beyond mortal ken, communicates via telepathy, engaging in lengthy conversation may improve wizardly abilities, teach spells
10. Mist Lords: may be encountered singly or collectively as fog-like bank, always at sea, extremely territorial, avoided by wise sailors
11. Spectral haze: demi-material intelligences that like to pretend to be ghosts
12. Giant bubbles of cleanliness: sorcerer's experiment gone feral, they live to scour dungeon corridors


  1. No wait, this my favourite one.
    "Vermilion Seepage" ? Excelsior!

  2. really??? that was cool..thanks a lot for sharing it to us..
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  3. That's some fine spambotry above. Hmmm, maybe I do need a vapor recovery unit....